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Class Schedule

2019-2020 Season Begins Monday, September 9th!

Class Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

A minimum of 3 students is required for classes to form.

All classes (except jumps & turns) will perform in the spring recital showcase.

2019-2020 Class Schedule


4:30pm-6:00pm Children's Combo II - Ballet/Jazz/Tap

(Ages 6-8)

6:00pm-7:00pm Hip Hop I (Ages 7-11)

7:00pm-7:45pm Lyrical I (Ages 9-12)

7:45pm-8:45pm Hip Hop II (Ages 12 & Up)


4:15pm-5:00pm Introductory Acrobatics (Ages 6-8)

5:00pm-5:45pm Jazz I (Ages 9-12)

5:45pm-6:30pm Tap (Ages 9 & Up)

6:30pm-7:15pm Lyrical II (Ages 13 & Up)

7:15pm-8:00pm Jazz II (Ages 13 & Up)

8:00pm-9:00pm Ballet II (Ages 13 & Up)


4:30pm-6:00pm Elite/Core Company - Juniors

(By Audition)

6:00pm-7:00pm Elite Company - Tap (By Audition)

7:00pm-8:30pm Elite/Core Company - Seniors

(By Audition)


4:00pm-5:00pm Ballet I (Ages 9-12)

5:00pm-6:00pm Acrobatics Company (By Audition)

6:00pm-7:30pm Company Ballet (By Audition)

7:30pm-8:30pm Pointe (With Permission)


4:00pm-5:15pm Acrobatics I (Ages 9 & Up - New to AA Program thru Level 4)

5:15pm-6:15pm Acting (Ages 8 & Up)

6:15pm-7:45pm Acrobatics II (By Placement - AA Levels 5 & Higher)

7:45pm-8:30pm Jumps & Turns (Ages 9 & Up)


9:00am-10:00am Tumbling Combo - Ballet & Acrobatics (Ages 3-5)

10:00am-11:00am Mini Acro Company (Invite Only)

11:00am-12:30pm Children's Combo I - Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Ages 4-6)